Medical services and other service units

Medicinal Care

The Medicinal care division consists of the specialties of

- Internal medicine,
- Lung diseases,
- Neurology, Dermatology and
- Physiatry

The specialties are responsible for examining, treatment and rehabilitation in the fields of the specialties.

In the division of operative treatment there are also the units of

- Cerebrovascular disorders
- Heart workshop
- Outpatient clinic for rehabilitation
- Clinical neurophysiology

There are 99 beds in the wards of the division of Medicinal treatment.
The division has a total of 215 posts, 38 of which are doctors, 176 nursing staff and one clerical employee.

Operative Care

Operative treatment is given in the specialties of

- Surgery,
- Pediatrics,
- Pediatric neurology,
- Obstetrics and gynecology,
- Otolaryngology,
- Oral Diseases,
- Oncology, and
- Ophthalmology

The division also includes

- Surgical ward and Anesthetic department,
- Operative outpatient clinic
- Pain management clinic and
- Intensive care

There are 119 beds in the wards of the division of Operative treatment. The division has a total of 367 posts, 67 of which are doctors, 297 nursing staff and two administrative and clerical employees.

Emergency Care

The division of Emergency Clinic and Prehospital Emergency Care (First AID) consists of

- Emergency clinic
- Prehospital emergency care - First Aid

There are a total of 38 persons working in the emergency clinic; the biggest group of professionals consists of nurses and hospital attendants. The doctors represent the divisions of operative treatment and medical care (specialists).

The Lapland Hospital District organizes Prehospital Emergency Care - First Aid - as its own activity with the exception of the municipality of Utsjoki. The Prehospital Emergency Care service consists of the Prehospital Emergency Care Centre that is responsible for the administration and for the regional prehospital emergency care service stations. In the service stations in the municipalities of the hospital district there are 75 professionals of emergency care. The Field command is part of the Prehospital Emergency Care Centre that also includes transfer transport logistics.

FinnHEMS is responsible for Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) in Finland in cooperation with the University Hospital Districts.  At the Rovaniemi base, the emergency medical services are operated by the Lapland Hospital District and flight operations by Scandinavian MediCopter Ab.

There are a total of 220 posts in this division, with 5 doctors, 214 nursing staff and one administrative employee.

Psychiatric Care

The primary task of the Psychiatric Care Division is to examine, treat and rehabilitate patients and clients that need specialist psychiatric care or substance abuse treatment that suffer from different levels of psychiatric disorders and substance abuse problems. The services are produced in cooperation with primary health care services and social services.

The Psychiatric Care division consists of

- Adult Psychiatric Clinic (Muurola)
     - Adult Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic (Porokatu 32)
     - Acute care team (Porokatu 39 A)
- Substance Abuse Clinic (Muurola)
- General Hospital Psychiatry (Central Hospital)
- Child Psychiatry (Central Hospital + Porokatu 39 A)
- Adolescent Psychiatry (Lähteentie)

The number of beds in psychiatric care is 72 and in substance abuse treatment 12. In the division of Psychiatric Care there are a total of 189 posts, 18 of which are doctors, 168 care personnel and one administrative employee.

Medical Support Services

This division mainly serves the clinical specialty fields in the hospital district as well as primary health care units and other public and private partners.

The division for medical support services includes

- Radiology (X-rays/ imaging)
- Pathology
- Medical records
- Hospital pharmacy
- Office services for medical care (ward secretaries, typists)
- Recruitment unit (care work)
- Hospital sterilisation and disinfection unit

The division has a total of 348 posts, with 16 doctors, 297 care personnel and 35 office and administrative staff.

Support Services

The units providing medical care and medical services cannot manage without a wide range of support services:

Personnel services
– payroll, HR, recruitment, travel services, accidents

Logistics and material services
– materials procurement, tendering, transportation

Cleanliness and maintenance services
– cleaning of premises, staff and patient laundry service

– meals for patients and staff, breast milk centre

Financial services
– municipal, customer and outsourced services invoicing, bills payment, debt collection, ledgers, accounts

Technical services
– medical and precision mechanics, HVAC and mechanical engineering, automation and communication, real estate and premises maintenance, electrical engineering

Information services
– Information systems, hardware, software and their purchasing and maintenance