Emergency Clinic

cases requiring immediate treatment


Lapland Central Hospital Emergency Clinic treats patients requiring immediate treatment around the clock.

The Emergency Clinic is for emergencies and sudden illnesses and injuries where because of the illness or accident it is not possible to wait until the next day for a doctor’s appointment.

The Emergency Clinic is intended for patients whose illness requires immediate assessment and care, and whose treatment cannot be left to a later date without a significant danger to their health.

You cannot make appointments to the Emergency Clinic. The waiting time will vary according to number of people waiting. The order of arrival will not decide who is treated first, but the staff of the Emergency Clinic will assess the order of urgency on the basis of their state and the severity of their illness.

Health problems that do not require emergency treatment, such as normal colds and their complications, prolonged back pain, recent cases of diarrhea will be treated in private health clinics.

Information for the patients

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